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May 2017

Womens Workathon


Women's Workathon

Wednesday 3rd May, 2pm - 4pm

Join Enterprise Nation for lunch, learning and business networking, as part of the Facebook She Means Business campaign.

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Wellington Bootcamp


Start-up Boot Camp (Wellington, Shropshire)

Monday 8th May, 11am - 1pm

Start a business and take control of your life and earning power.
This workshop is for people who are serious about turning their skills, talents or passion into a viable business.

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Workshop: How to PR yourself (London)

Tuesday 16th May, 6pm - 8pm

If you're a small business fighting for recognition for the incredible stuff you do, there are some really simple things you can do to get started. Join small business media expert Liz Slee to learn top tips and tricks to get your business noticed by the press.

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